Bioshock 2 Audio Diary and Weapon Station location guide

Diary Locations: Ryan Amusements

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Eleanor`s Progress

After getting out of the train, go into the first area, next to some candles

The Old Sheepdog

Just after the vital chamber going to get amusement ticket


In the main area after you insert the ticket, in the middle below a bench

Cutting Corners

In the gift shop, all the way to the right, next to a safe

Rapture is Deliverance

In the gift shop, down the stairs, in the ladies toilet

Eat Dog

In main hallway, impossible to miss

`Child` and Guardian

In the room with the big daddy, right at the back in an open suitcase

You, Me, and 1959

In small room under where you harvest your first dead body for Adam

Escape Plan

Right next to the second body you harvest

Lamb the problem, Sinclair the solution

Past the broken "this way" sign, it will be on some crates

Truth is in the Body

Just after the "we will be reborn" graffiti, up the stairs


At the display of the family go into the display to the right and up the hand, there will be a body with candles

Working for Sinclair

Through the door at the family display, to your right - next to the vending machine

Doctor Lamb

Near the security camera, you have to break down some wood to get into small room


After the model tower, in the maintenance room

Dating Tip

After unlocking all the security doors, go back to the downstairs area near where you harvest the first body - small room right in the corner

A Father`s Love

Next to vital chamber in hall of the future


Melt the mound of ice next to the vending machine

Wooden Nickels

In the tiny room from where sinclair came out of

Weapon Upgrade Station 1

Ryan Amusements - Going to get the ticket, pretty hard to miss

Weapon Upgrade Station 2

Ryan Amusements - After the family display, through the door and straight ahead