About DrMong's Bioshock 2 Guide

DrMong's Bioshock 2 Guide. An informative and easy to use guide for Bioshock 2 on the PC, XBOX360 and PS3.

What's here?

- 129 trackable Audio Diaries, most with videos.

- All 14 Power to the People weapon upgrade stations, again trackable.

- Interactive maps to show you the locations of diaries and weapon stations.

- Multiplayer rankings table, with rank calculator.

What's with the diary numbering?

This website was up and running one day after the release of Bioshock 2. Some incorrect assumptions were made concerning the number of in-game diaries.

The diaries are numbered as they were found, but thousands had already started using the check list.

- Can't tell people they've collected numbers 1-10 then change all the numbers!

What is this guide?

This guide site allows you to precisely track which collectibles you have found with easy to use interactive maps and a tracking interface!

All information on this site was aquired and put together by DrMong (and/or his friendly team of gamers), via the game or publically available sources.

This site is part of DrMong's Gaming Network - a group of websites offering helpful tools and data all for free. Find out more at www.MLWGames.com

Saving your progress

This website recommends you login, however this is not nessacery for the tracker to work.

If you do not register or login, your list will be deleted if you clear your browser's history/cache! Registration is completly free and takes just seconds, so why not?

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The game: Weapon Upgrades

There are 14 upgrade stations located throughout the game. You can add 3 upgrades to each weapon in order (apart from the spear).

Each station can only upgrade one weapon once.

Double-Barreled Shotgun
Increased Clip Size
Damage Increase
Electrified Shells

Side Augers
Lubricating Nozzle
Reflector Plate

Gatling Gun
Damage Increase
Recoil Reduction
Bouncing Bullets

Augmented Capacity
Splash Damage Immunity
Cluster Bombs

Rivet Gun
Increased Clip Size
Damage Increase
Heated Rivets

Spear Gun
Faster Mechanics
Speed Upgrade